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Lowcountry Reviews

It definitely was a great service. Most people don’t like using the word funeral anymore, they like to use the phrase “Celebration of life”.

That’s exactly what Pastor Craig delivered. There were so many points that he hit on that all of us knew about Scottie but he didn’t know him like that. The questions he asked the family and stories he read from the memorial page or even Scotties social media made it sound like he knew him like we did.

That’s a testament to Pastor Craig and his willingness to try understand who Scottie really was, in turn he truly made everyone comfortable and instead of it being a sorrowful funeral it turned out to be a joyful “Celebration of Life”.

Shane Huff

I want to personally thank Pastor Craig Crosby for the most heartwarming and healing service I’ve ever witnessed. I know Scott was smiling ear to ear in heaven listening to Pastor Craig tell his story. As Scott would say “That was jam up;-)”

There’s no question in my mind Pastor Craig was called to tell the story of our dear brother’s life. Pastor Craig told Scott’s story from his heart and soul. We are so very blessed to have had Pastor Craig deliver Scott’s eulogy. Everyone who attended the service was in awe and really appreciated what an amazing job Pastor Craig did even with IT technical issues he had to deal with.

Thank you Pastor Craig from the bottom of my heart for telling my brother’s story and allowing the world to know what an amazing man my brother was.

-God Bless

Jeff Dubis

Pastor Craig did do an amazing tribute. God knew what he was doing when he called him into the ministry. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Betty Powell 

On March 23rd 2023, one of my younger brothers, Scott Patrick Dubis, was the US contractor killed in Syria by a drone attack.  I reached out to Pastor Craig Crosby to perform the service for my brother.  Pastor Craig asked several family members to answer a few questions about Scottie and then conducted an online meeting to discuss the service. 

He additionally made phone calls to my parents and others to have that one on one time to discuss their relationship with Scottie.  My point here is Pastor Craig took the time to reach out to several family members so he had the point of view of many people who knew Scottie.  He composed his eulogy based on all the info he gathered during these discussions along with other sources online.  The service he conducted for my little brother was the most touching service I have ever attended. 

He is a very compassionate person who poured everything into ensuring Scottie’s funeral was perfect.  I really do not have the words to express my gratitude for the work Pastor Craig did for us all this past Saturday.  A segment of my brother’s service is provided on Lowcountry Memorials Facebook page which demonstrates all that I have stated here.  When it is my time to go, Pastor Craig will hopefully be available to conduct my service.

Mike Dubis 

In July of last year I lost my husband to a tragic workplace accident! Pastor Craig was the only person that I wanted to provide Jeremiah’s funeral services. I loved how he spoke with not only me but several friends and also included our nephew! The service was amazing! I’ve had people come up to me since the service and tell me how much they enjoyed the service and how well Pastor Craig did! I would recommend him to anyone! He really made a horrible process much more comfortable!

Amy Wiggins

“It took me a while to write this review for the simple fact that I wasn’t ready to talk about my sister’s funeral. My sister passed away and we didn’t get a chance to talk about how and what she wanted for her service. My family and I didn’t have any experience in arranging a funeral. Fortunately, my best friend from high is married to a pastor. I reached out to her, and she had me speak with Pastor Craig Crosby to whom I explained all my concerns to him. He immediately offered to help my family and I. He re-assured me that we didn’t have to do it alone because he would be there to help us every step of the way – and he was. He was empathic, friendly, compassionate, and sincere. He listened to us and asked questions to better understand how we want the service. It was a difficult time but we are so blessed that God had placed him into our lives at that time. I honestly don’t think we would have made it through this process without his professional help, understanding, and support. He delivered a beautiful service – we could not have asked or imagine any other Pastor for the service. If you need a Pastor who will treat you like family and deliver excellent, professional service, look no further than Pastor Craig Crosby at Lowcountry Memorials.”

Joyce Shingler Blocker

“Pastor Crosby has the ability through God to help give peace to a grieving family. He is such a loving ,caring man for other people.”

Linda Moses 

“Pastor Craig did an amazing job with my father’s service. Although he was not our pastor he was in close contact with me and made everything very personal and comforting.”

Tanya Vinson 

“Craig was our pastor many years ago and has remained a friend. He preached Debbies funeral 7 years ago today and Big Russell’s funeral just 2 days ago. He also ministered to Big Russell, Russell and Robin the day before Big Russ passed away. He was able to help them communicate and it meant so very much to all of us. He is truly gifted in ministering to grieving families in their time of need.”

Joy Walker

“Craig officiated the funeral for my Aunt in 2012. She lived in NC and was to be buried in Dorchester. We knew her time was getting close and she did not have a Pastor in the area. I reached out to Craig and he said not only would he preach her funeral but he would like to have her number so he could reach out to her.

As he was able to communicate with her by telephone he was able to make a personal connection with my Aunt. Even though he never met her in person, you never would have known that at the funeral. A miraculous thing happened for my family after Craig preached my Aunt’s funeral, my grandmother started attending church. That may not seem like much to some people but in my almost 40 years of life I had never experienced my grandmother regularly attending church service. My grandmother had such a bond with Craig that she thought of him as one of her sons! The worst thing I have ever experienced at a funeral is a Pastor that doesn’t even sound like he knows the person that has passed. You will not have that experience with Craig Crosby and he is also a talented singer!” –

Kristen Kizer

“I’ve known pastor Craig since I was about 12 years old. He has always been apart of my life through my uncle. I was married by him as well. When my dad was passing away we didn’t know what to do as he did not attend any church but we wanted someone who would be able to stand up and speak about him for our family. I spoke with my Aunt and asked her if he would be willing to preach his funeral. He didn’t have to think about it twice to do this for my family. He reached out to my Mom, Brothers and and me to ask us all questions about how we felt about my dad, words that described him and and his likes. He took all that and made it into a memorial that we could all feel that described him. The good and the bad. He touched my family in so many ways in the way that preached his funeral. If you are looking for someone who does funerals and you don’t have a home pastor he is hands down one of the best who can memorialize your family member where you would think that he knew not only you but your loved one.”

Tamra Dubis

“Pastor Craig is a phenomenal man. We grew up in the same small town. I knew him and his parents, wonderful people. My grandsons and their Dad started attending Refuge Church awhile back in Walterboro. They were telling about the preacher whom they liked an awful lot. Tragically my oldest daughter, Julie Buchanan Carter, their loving mother, passed away unexpectedly in October 15, 2022. The grandsons, Cole and Dylan, called Pastor Crosby immediately. He was right there for all of us. He comforted all of us in ways we could never imagine. His sermon for Julie was so complete and compassionate. His words left us knowing that Julie is at peace with Nanny and other family members gone ahead. It was so wonderful to come back to an old friend from long ago. He and Julie may have had some classes together at Dorchester Academy in St.George, SC. I know God had been planning this for awhile, especially since the boys had been going to his church and were so comfortable with his words and services. I promise if you ever need Pastor Craig in your time of loss and/need, he is the one who can compassionately do an amazing job for you and your family. Speaking from personal experience, Pastor Craig, thank you so very much for taking care of my grandsons and our family during this difficult time. Thanks again.”

Kaye Harper

“Pastor Craig officiated my grandfather’s funeral and my wife’s grandmother. He really puts forth maximum effort to learn about the life he is celebrating. Craig brings great comfort to the families and really cares about the whole ceremony. I would highly recommend Pastor Craig. He is also like a brother to me and has ALWAYS been available to my family during some really tough times.”

Trey Asbelle

“Pastor Craig Crosby officiated my husbands funeral several years ago. We did not have a church home at the time and I met Craig just a couple of weeks prior through hospice. It was immediately noticeable that he and Bobby had a few things in common. Craig made his funeral a celebration of life. Craig and his family quickly became part of my family as well as Refuge Church.”

Sara Nelson

“Pastor Craig preached at our dear friends funeral. You would’ve never known he had never met him. Pastor Craig was able to capture our friends life in a eloquent manner and did it with a love that can only be shared by a true man of God. I will never forget that day or be able to thank him enough for being there. I can’t think of anyone else I’d want to preach at my own funeral, when that day comes.” 

Cory Bazzle