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Lowcountry Memorials

“Preaching funerals the right way”

Contact Rev. Craig Crosby to see if he’s available to help you and your family. 

Why We Exist?

Many people throughout the Lowcountry don’t have a pastor that can facilitate a funeral or memorial service on their behalf. Whether buried or cremated, every soul deserves the most heartfelt tribute at the end of their life. Their closest family and friends need this special time of comfort and closure. Don’t just choose a funeral location but choose to have a quality funeral.


How We Can Help?


Pastor Craig Crosby has done hundreds of heartfelt services for loved ones who transitioned to eternity. He knows how to make your end-of-life service unique, special, encouraging and comforting for all who attend. He provides messages, music, and guidance towards creating the best end of life celebrations. He takes the time to get to know each person and honor their family’s wishes.


Areas We Serve...


Whether you’re having a traditional funeral, graveside service or a special memorial gathering, Pastor Craig would love to help you anywhere in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.


Weekday Services (Monday-Friday)


Weekend Services (Saturday-Sunday)


Most spend thousands on the funeral location, but forget about the importance of the actual funeral service. I’ve been a minister for 30 years and I don’t just show up for funerals. It takes an average of 10-12 hours of my time to connect with family, get to know your loved one, put together a personalized service and carry out a truly heartfelt funeral. I want to make sure each person gets the best possible tribute and the family gets the best possible comfort. This is a part time vocation for me, but this is also a heartfelt ministry God has led me to provide.

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