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Our Story

I prayerfully pondered this impact platform for several years. However, I had to wait on God’s perfect timing. Many know that I have a huge passion for preaching funerals. Not because I love death, but because I believe in celebrating people’s lives the right way.

You see, memorial services bring such opportunity. It is an opportunity to pay the right tribute to loved ones. It is the opportunity to comfort loved ones grieving and left behind, and the opportunity to impact everyone in attendance for God’s glory.

Many only consider burial or cremation. Many choose a funeral home, but don’t think enough about the funeral. Why shouldn’t the last ceremony of someone’s life be the best possible? Why have a beautiful casket or urn, but not a beautiful service?

I’ve learned a few things over my past 30 years of ministry. The majority of the countless funerals I’ve preached were for people who had no pastor. However, they needed a pastor who could meet them in their valley of grief. Someone to facilitate a funeral and treat everyone like family.

This is why I’ve started “Lowcountry Memorials.” It’s for folks throughout the Lowcountry that need a pastor to facilitate their funeral or the funeral of someone they love. Whether that service takes place in a funeral home, chapel, graveside or someone’s backyard. I feel called to start this ministry.

Please like our Lowcountry Memorials page on Facebook and share it with others. Who knows, you or your friends may need this service tomorrow. If you have a pastor consider yourself blessed, but 70 percent are not even connected to a church fellowship. I feel especially called to come alongside those people as my health and time will allow.


What Our Families Say